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Since Fireworks were created over 1000 years ago, technicians have strived to produce better effects, colours and heightened performance. Often their results have been confined to the realms of professional Category 4 fireworks….until now!

At Absolute Fireworks, we are delighted to announced the introduction of our Blacklabel range – a selection of fireworks that originate from the Category 4 market but have been tested and approved as Category 3 for consumers!

Blacklabel products prioritise the effects and performance of the fireworks ahead of anything else. We want to bring you, the consumer, as much of the performance and spectacle of large-scale professional fireworks as possible – while remaining safe and affordable.


Claymore’s astounding effects are so impressive it has been used in displays by professionals, and is now available to the public! Featuring crackle lift mines, dragon eggs, firefly’s, super brocades and coloured stars, Claymore is crammed full of power and energy. View Product & Write a Review.


Fantastic Four

Looking for an outstanding barrage pack? With 4 unique 25mm, 20 Shot cakes, Fantastic Four‘s glitter and stars effects are sure to impress! View Product & Write a Review.

Manic Miner

Its 16 Shots might not sound a lot, but Manic Miner‘s mind-blowing finale and professional quality effects are not for the faint hearted! Due to its massive 50mm tube diameter and hang time this cake runs for almost 70 seconds making it great value for money. View Product & Write a Review.



If you’re an AF fan, we probably don’t need to say more than that – but we will anyway! A bestselling fan favourite, now rebranded under the Blacklabel range,
Klondyke is a barrage pack featuring a 100 Shot, 50 Shot and 2 x 25 Shot cakes – with an outstanding mix of vivid colours and effects! Klondyke also comes packaged in our easy-open mesh, making it perfect for mail-order as well. View Product & Write a Review.

Twisted Twins

Finally, we have the Twisted Twins. This pack of two 100 Shot, Category 3 professional display quality fireworks are some of the best available on the market! Watch our video or try them out for yourself to see why! View Product & Write a Review.

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