Absolute Fireworks

A full list of Absolute Fireworks branded products.

Missile Packs

Missile Command 1000 A volly of 1000 Missiles crackling, whistling and screaming in to the air in less than 2 minutes needs to be seen to be believed. Like the 300 and the 600 Missile cakes, the timing is very special and makes this range of missile cakes very different from others. 300 Missile Rapid Fire You might have seen missile cakes, but have you seen one like this? Starting gradually, the 300 Missile fires around 100 Shots at a steady pace before suddenly launching the remaining shots in rapid succession. Great fun and a very unexpected finale! Saturn Missile 100 Remember the Pen Top Rockets? Well this barrage contains a 100 pen top assault with whistles and crackling bursts! Great fun and great value for...

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Gold Rush

An awesome 36 Shot garden barrage with the performance and spectacle of a much bigger firework. Firing a consistent stream of stunning Gold Brocade Crown effects, Gold Rush is a superb “must have”...

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Grand Prix

Outstanding 150 shot display quality cake with a striking mix of effects and firing patterns. Effects include comets with glittering tails, red and silver glitter peony’s, gold willows, colour burst mines, the list goes on. An absolute must as a finale...

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New for 2015, Wipeout is a jaw dropping 30 Shot Category 2 fan cake with some of the best effects we have seen in a firework. From start to finish you will be holding your breath while watching the mix of colours and professional quality effects. Effects include Silver Glitter, Colour Changing Stars with Red’s, Silvers, Gold’s, Blues, Greens and so much...

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New for 2015, at a combined time of almost 3 minutes this pair of 105 Shot Category 3 fireworks have one of our longest running times ! The Phantom pair have a mammoth 210 Shots featuring straight, fan and V shaped firing making the pack a superb display on it’s own or an amazing part of a bigger show. Effects include a kaleidoscope of colours, crackles and glitter and a dragon egg finale. They also feature dual fusing for added...

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Oceans 3

New for 2015, Oceans 3 is a Category 2 barrage pack with a difference. Containing 3 x 35 Shot, each with primary and reserve fuses and each with outstanding effects mean that semi-professional effects are now safe and available for smaller gardens. Effects include crackle tails, glitter, blues, gold, silver, brocades and much...

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