Tai Pan

A full list of Tai Pan branded products.


Now you can have effects normally reserved for professional displays! Hardball is a colossal 3” Display Shell on a rocket with a stunning gold brocade crown and dazzling red strobes effect. Huge break, huge...

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Shell Rockets

Demolition A collosal 3″ display quality shell rocket with a stunning effect that can only normally be found at professional displays. Simply stunning. Sledge Hammer Full on effects from this massive 3″ Display Shell Rocket. Feel the force of the colossal Sledge Hammer as it rockets skyward and bursts with an ear shattering bang. Packaged with using our revolutionary “Hinge Stick” for easier transport and storage, Sledge Hammer is not for the faint...

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Full Flash, Full Effects and Full on impact, that’s Afterburner. The pack contains 9 amazing rockets, with outstanding bursts and...

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Merry Berrys

Fast paced and pure fun is the name of the game with this 25 Shot cake. Brilliant Red Stars followed by crackling Dragon Eggs fill the sky as Merry Berry lights up the night and puts a smile on everyone’s...

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Pik n Mix Selection

The Pik n Mix selection of 6 different 25 Shot CAT2 Garden Fireworks are an Absolute bestseller and fan-favourite. Each product has a distinctive effect and style that are ideal for any garden display. Blueberry Thrill features Blue Stars and Crackling Dragon Eggs, while Scary Spiders weaves a web of Red Tipped Brocades with Dragon Eggs. Purple Rain also features stars, this time with a mix of Purple and Green and added Silver Glitter. Angry Ants fills the sky with Red and Blue Glitter and Gold Tails, which works as a nice compliment to Ruby Duby Do‘s Red Stars with Silver Glitter. Finally, we have Banging Bananas, which mixes Yellow Stars and Silver Glitter to great effect. Scarey Spiders, Blueberry Thrill & Purple Rain Angry Ants & Ruby Duby Do Banging...

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New for 2015, Viper is a pack of 5 full force 1.3G Category 2 rockets, each with different effects. Viper also has the added bonus of being supplied in re-sealable steel mesh meaning that each case of 20 packs can be stored as...

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