Introducing our new exclusive Blacklabel range!


A ground breaking barrage pack which brings full on display quality effects to consumers in a pack which is suitable for normal storage. Containing a 100 Shot, 50 Shot and 2 x 25 Shot cakes, with a mix of vivid colours and effects. Packaged is our easy-open mesh, Klondyke is perfect for mail-order...

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Twisted Twins

New for 2015, this pack contains two of our Category 3, 1.3G, 100 Shot, Black Label professional quality fireworks, each with primary and reserve fuses. These fireworks are some of the best available on the market and when you see the video you will know why. Packaged in steel mesh for 1.4G storage, Twisted Twins would not be out of place in any professional display making them extra...

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Manic Miner

New for 2015, and not for the faint hearted. Manic Miner is a display quality 16 Shot Mine cake with truly professional quality effects and a mind-blowing finale. Each shot contains 3 bursts and is accompanied by a colossal mine lift. 16 Shot might not sound a lot, but due to its massive 50mm tube diameter and hang time this cake runs for almost 70 seconds making it great value for money. Also features dual fusing for added...

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Fantastic Four

Outstanding barrage pack containing 4 different 20 Shot, 25mm “Black Label” cakes, each with professional quality effects that are good enough for any display. Effects include silver glitter with blue stars, silver glitter with red stars, red glitter with green stars and...

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